Death to the World - The Last True Rebellion

Fr. Seraphim Rose

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Seraphim Rose

St. George slaying the Dragon

Not of this World

The Life and Works of
Seraphim Rose

     In a basement apartment near downtown San Fransisco in the early 1960's, Eugene Rose, the future Fr. Seraphim, sat at his desk covered with stacks of books and piles of paper folders. The room was perpetually dark, for little light could come in from the window. Some years before Eugene had moved in there, a murder had occurred in that room, and some said that an ominous spirit still lingered there. But Eugene, as if in defiance of this spirit and the ever-darkening spirit of the city around him, had one wall covered with icons, before which a red icon-lamp always flickered.
     In this room Eugene undertook to write a monumental chronicle of modern man's war against God, his attempt to destroy the Old Order and raise up a new one without Christ, to deny the existence of the Kingdom of God and raise up his own earthly Utopia in its stead. This projects work was entitled The Kingdom of Man and the Kingdom of God.